Gasoline & Diesel


  • Road 1 Premium Highway Diesel Fuel is our state-of-the-art formula that includes a detergent, cold weather de-icer, lubricant, and corrosion inhibitors to keep injectors and fuel systems clean and operating efficiently, even in the coldest weather.


  • Not all gasoline is the same; that’s why we are a proud distributor of Mobil Gasoline, one of the most respected names in the fuel industry. Mobil Gasoline is certified Top Tier by the auto manufacturers industry. You can count on us to deliver quality products at unbeatable prices.
  • Boaters Edge Marine Gasoline is our custom blend of quality gasoline with a special additive to help combat the effects of ethanol blended gasoline.

Stop at any of our five Wever Mobil stations and exchange your empty grill tank for a clean, reconditioned, full tank. There is no need to wait for someone to fill your old tank; just grab a full one and go!

Wever Mobil stations are located in the following locations: Broad St. in Waterford, Guideboard Rd. in Halfmoon, Hudson Ave. in Stillwater, Main St. in Schaghticoke, and Rt 29 in Greenwich.

"Providing quality products & services our customers can trust!"