At Wever Petroleum, we have scoured the market for the best products to offer our customers. Please give our office a call to discuss your home improvement options.

Are static electricity and dry air in the winter causing your household and skin grief?

A Skuttle® whole house humidifier added to your heating system will reduce dry air and static electricity that many homes experience during the cold winter months.

Would you like to relax when you are away from home, knowing that your house isn’t wasting energy?

A programmable thermostat is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to help reduce your energy costs.

Do you love the look of a real wood fireplace, but hate the untidiness and task of hauling in the wood?

Propane gas fireplaces and Franklin stoves by Vermont Castings give you the look of a real wood fire, but without the messy maintenance.

Do you enjoy working in the garage in the winter, but dread the chill?

Empire Propane gas space heaters are the perfect choice for heating individual rooms, work shops, and basements, available in vented or vent-free models.

Are you looking to your reduce heating and cooling costs without sacrificing home comfort?

We offer a wide range of reliable, highly efficient Bryant® heating and cooling energy systems.

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