The TankSure® Program

“The best part about having our oil tank tested was the piece of mind. An added bonus was the savings on our insurance for participating in the program! We saved nearly 10 times what we paid for the program; now that’s value!”
Bioheat® fuel tanks typically corrode from the inside out and often show no exterior signs of wearing excessively thin. For this reason, we provide a test that is similar to a medical ultrasound which allows us to give you a sense of security in knowing that your tank is safe or advanced warning that your tank may be in need of proactive replacement.

The TankSure® Program enables us to evaluate the safety and integrity of your aboveground heating Bioheat® fuel tank using an EPA approved ultrasonic tank test. Using the program’s testing technology, our technicians detect the level of corrosion inside your Bioheat® fuel tank and predict the likelihood of your tank needing replacement in the near future. As an additional benefit, if your tank qualifies for the program, you will receive a $1,000 Tank Replacement Payment for a future replacement of your Bioheat® fuel tank*.

Benefits of the TankSure® Program include the following:

Qualifying tanks receive a $1,000 tank replacement payment to help cover the cost of a replacement*.
Using EPA-approved testing technology, ultrasonic equipment detects the level of corrosion inside Bioheat® fuel tanks.
This service helps protect your home. Proactive replacement can help avoid costly remediation expenses.
Included is an inspection of common tank components such as legs, seams, fill and vent pipes, Bioheat® fuel lines, and vent whistle.
For aboveground non-qualifying tanks, we will give you a $250 replacement credit to upgrade your Bioheat® fuel tank.
*To qualify for the TankSure® Program, your tank must not be in need of immediate replacement at the time of the initial inspection. To guarantee renewal coverage thereafter, the TankSure® Program warranty renews automatically and the ultrasonic tank inspection is scheduled as part of your annual tune-up.
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